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  • Bring the Beer Taps to your Customers and let them Pour Their Own BEER.

  • Pour Your Own Beer with your Individual Loyalty Smart Card.

  • Create Your Own Private area with eBeer Table Tap Beer Dispensing.

  • eBeer offers an Interactive Ambience in Pubs, Bars, Clubs and Restaurants.

  • eBeer Taps on a Beer Wall.
    Serve yourself a Chilled Beer at anytime.

  • eBeer is an Innovative Blend of Leisure and Entertainment

  • Pour as Much or as Little as you want and Pay Only for What You Pour.

  • Forget the Lukewarm Beer GO for Chilled Beer with eBeer TAPS within easy reach.

  • eShow a Multimedia Visual & Revenue Model Dispalying Rankings, Videos, Photos, Text etc. on TV Monitors.

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About Fiestaa & The eBeer Experience

eBeer is Fun, Entertaining and really speaking Awesome!

Bring your Beer Taps to the Table or Beer Wall and let your customers Pour Their Own Beer.

eBeer system allows Beer Taps to be placed within the reach of Clients at Beer Tables a Beer Wall or in easily accessible locations at your Bar, Pub or Restaurant. The System functions by creating a Smart Loyalty Card for your Client to be used for Payment, Identification and Dispensing.

Your customer can Dispense Beer whenever and however they choose.
eShow the Multimedia program is Interactive, Informative and Engages your customer. TVs and Monitors distributed across the Establishment display Real Time Tap Information, Consumption Card Balance, Beer Ranking - Individual and Group, Promotions, Events, Videos and much more.
When you install an eBeer System you create a memorable eXperience for your Client motivating them to return for more and you the owner a sense of eSatistaction.Most importantly watch your profits go up and wastage, losses and pilferage go down.

eBeer is adaptable to any kind of establishment Existing or New and can be retrofitted to Draught Beer Systems also.

Call or mail us for a consult a quote or to learn more about eBeer.

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